Kenya today is experiencing a construction boom due to the changing economic times. Our lawyers are well vast with the property and conveyancing law. We advise on property acquisition and development and further prepare the requisite instruments to necessitate the acquisition. In summary, the areas of practice under this head include Real estate
acquisitions and sale of property, construction contracts, project management, consultancy agreements, preparing and registering of charges, mortgages, leases, transfers, extension of leases, discharge of charges, debentures, chattel mortgages, letters of hyphenation, interpretation of conveyancing documents, stamp duty, change of land user among others.

Our attorneys at law provide specialized and quality legal advice on issues of litigation arising from various areas of law. During evaluation, we look at realistic outcome throughout the litigation process to ensure the best outcome for our clients. Our lawyers are equipped with vast knowledge, experience, and training to attend to our client’s best interest. They are equipped with excellent investigative skills and are extremely resourceful in requisition of evidence to solve claims relating to Tort, Bankruptcy, Professional Liability, Assessment of liability and wrongful arrest, litigation in respect of negligence claims and personal accident.

This includes acting for various clients amongst our clientele in demanding and recovering monies due to them though suits or amicable settlement, defending suits filed against them and undertaking debt negotiation.

We offer legal services in the insurance industry. We advise on the insurance legislation and litigation on policy liability or repudiated claims. We advise on regulatory aspects and compliance of the applicable legislation. Our Advocates assist in assessment of liability on policy and analyze product liability claims with a view to resolving such claims.

On matters of family, family being the heart of our society, our advocates are equipped with vast knowledge in family law matters. We represent clients undergoing judicial separation, divorce proceedings, custody of children and their support and adoption and general matters touching on family law.

Disposition of one’s property after death can preserve assets and benefit the surviving family members. Upon the death of the deceased persons debts are his assets are distributed after his demise. We at Kinyua & Maingi Advocates assist our clients in making wise decisions in their will and succession decisions that will benefit their family members. Succession can be simple or complex depending on the circumstances. In probate and succession, we deal with matters that include Wills, Trusts, Succession (probate administration) Power of attorneys among others.

There are various ways to do business. While you as our client undertakes to carry on with your day to day running of your business, we take care of your legal needs arising from the commercial aspect of your business. Under this head, we deal with incorporation of companies, legal compliance. Mergers and acquisition, filing of returns, taxation to general contracts. We further undertake other areas of practice that are affiliate to commercial law. They include Business law, commercial law, partnerships, company law, labour and employment law and international Trade law.

Our lawyers are experts in the conduct of litigation, arbitration, mediation and other alternative dispute resolution mechanisms in the most efficient and cost- effective way. Our main priority is to resolve disputes quickly and effectively with as little disruption to business as possible

The firm advises its clients on the legal aspects of employment and labour law to ensure full compliance with all the applicable laws and provisions. We further represent our clients on matters of breach of employment law. Our services in this category include representation in the labour court, advice on termination of employment and on contracts and rationalization of drafting of employment contracts with respect to unions on behalf of our clients.

This is an area of practice we specialize in. It involves aspects of law that include Patents, Trademarks and copyrights, internet law and entertainment law.

Specializing in policy drafting, lobbying, litigation, ethical considerations and peacebuilding; our firm excels in crafting robust policies tailored to our clients’ objectives, navigating complex legislative processes through strategic lobbying efforts and representing clients in court with professionalism and diligence. Upholding the highest ethical standards, we prioritize integrity and fairness in all our dealings, ensuring that justice prevails in every legal matter we handle. We are proactive in combating disinformation and misinformation, recognizing their detrimental effects on public discourse and societal cohesion. Through education, advocacy, and legal interventions we strive to counter false narratives and
promote the dissemination of accurate and reliable information. Further, recognizing the importance of peace and conflict resolution, we actively engage in initiatives aimed at fostering dialogue, reconciliation, and peacebuilding within communities and across the country

We help clients operating within the jurisdiction address regulatory issues pertaining to income and withholding tax, international trade and customs, tax and customs audits, value added tax, property tax so as to protect their business from unforeseen exposure. We represent clients before pertinent government agencies, local government units and the courts in assessment and refund cases involving national taxes, local taxes and customs duties. We also execute proven strategies to help clients resolve tax and customs controversies such as Tax structuring for mergers and acquisitions; Corporate reorganizations; Tax treaty issues ; Tax and customs audits; International trade and customs issues and Property tax issues

We offer comprehensive support for immigration related matters. We work closely with the Department of Immigration Services and other government agencies to advise you on immigration procedures and help you meet immigration requirements. With wide experience in assisting clients with immigration matters, we help obtain short and long-term work authorizations for expatriate personnel in Kenya. We also assist non-Kenyan nationals to obtain Kenyan citizenship and permanent residence status. Our services also extend to obtaining business visas for clients who attend short duration meetings in Kenya. Our approach is to offer a client-driven and calculated services which consider clients’ unique requirements and expectations such as Applying for work permits and special passes on behalf of clients, Obtaining visa extensions, Naturalization, Dual citizenship and Deportation proceedings.

As a firm, all our staff are actively engaged in ensuring quality service is delivered to all our billable and non-billable clients. This ensures that we are actively engaged in our community in which the firm is based. Our young lawyers in particular, are supported in all their endeavours in volunteer work both within and beyond the scope of the firm’s expertise.
We actively participate in general representation before various forums i.e. Courts and Tribunals on behalf of clients and negotiate settlements where need be; offer mentorship and/or training to interested persons or institutions as well as issue financial aid on a case to case basis. Companies that also wish to issue legal representation as CSR are encouraged to engage us.

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